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Street Fighter - Cammy White by Mel Milton
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I think it would be better if I just make a separate commission page for digital only commission!
HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS (new and old)! I am opening commission just for people who wants to commission digital stuff only! Since I’m on summer break, I have a lot of time to work on commission works. Plus I need money for AX prints (but I will close this commission if I do get this job I applied yesterday).
The canvas size for both Flat and Flat + painting will be:

1200 dpi (height or width…depends on the composition)!

For Painting it would be around:

2550 dpi x 3300 dpi (8in x 11in)

If you have any more question, please message me OR email me! Plus you can pay me before or after I finish my commission! Also my paypal email is the same as my main email!!!
I’m going to open five slots (and if the list is full, I’ll put you on wailist!!!)
Thank you guys and have a nice day~!!!!

reblogging this to let you know that I have three slots left!!!
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what kind of shitty shapeshifter r u chaim you barely even change yourself
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Shrek came out on the 22nd of April, do you know what else happens on the 22nd of April? Earth day! And what does the Earth have? Layers! Can atheists explain this?? HA, NO

Shrekmate, nonbelievers!

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Now that’s how you get laid boys.

Holy shit that’s awesome.

I want to
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Still to this day my favorite comic

Okay let me tell you this story my teacher told me in like 6th grade that I still somehow remember to this day. And by somehow, I mean it was fucking hilarious and I’ll never stop laughing.
In college she was a teacher’s aid for an anatomy class or something or another. On the day they were suppose to examine an actually corpse one of the past students came in with an empty body bag. To put it simply, he pretended to be the dead body they were going to examine that day.
She knew this shit was going to be hilarious so she played along and pretended everything was going according to the plan. When the instructor came in and didn’t even check to make sure everything was in order. Nope, came in around the same time as the students and began the lesson straight away.
About 5 minutes a low moan came from the body bag, like something you’d hear out of a zombie movie.
Some of the closer students tilts their head and frown, but they doesn’t say anything. The instructor doesn’t even notice.
A little bit afterwards he moans loader. A few more people hear it this time around. They are understandably a bit worried, and a bit scared. This time the Instructor does notice, but he rolls his eyes.
For the next 10 minutes there is no noise from the body bag. The students have calmed by this point and the Instructor is winding down his lecture and about ready to move on to the practical.
Right as the Instructor moves over to the table the body bag is sitting on, the dude sits straight up in the bag and makes the stupidest zombie moans known to mankind.
Everyone straight up flips their shit. One of the girls ends up puking because she’s so scared and the rest of the students are running out the classroom, knocking over furniture, and screaming in terror.

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