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Fuck all ya'll I'm a mango Answer:

First of all i’d like to say you chose like two of my most shipped and two of my least shipped hAHAHAAAH

Calle: Rana/Calle/Chela (Both brot3 and ot3), Chela/Calle, Rose/Calle, Shi/Calle, Calle/Mine (brotp)
Basically I accidently made Calle more gay than before I knew it.

Aria: Vaal/Aria, Ashok/Aria, Millie/Aria, Ellie/Aria, Kellee/Aria, Kohei/Aria (brotp)
Basically when I said Aria was lesbian, I really meant she dances between the two lines.

Lorenzo: He hasn’t interacted with anyone. I ship Lorenzo and his obssession with his sister. done.

Friday: Hans/Friday (brotp). Again, I barely use him unless its like brotherly related so he never really interacted outside of that??? I need to fix that.

I need to use men more in general … .


"#5 Disney artist Mel Milton - Art & Money - Interview"

Disney Artist Mel Milton chats with me about improving your craft, working for the man, and working on your own - the passion of the successful artist and what it means to be a creator. What his experience was like selling at SLC Comic Con for the first time and other ramblings about life. http://melmade.blogspot.com/

I enjoy listening to Will Terry’s videos as I draw. He’s started an interview series with professional artists from a variety of industries. I think this one is the best so far.

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So last night cops arrested 7 protesters, then turned to the rest of the protesters and told them “we’ll release them without bond if you leave (stop protesting)”

They literally turned their own dubiously legal arrests into a hostage situation. They took hostages. Ferguson PD is a terrorist organization and they aren’t even trying to hide that fact any more.

Look at this


You can donate to protesters’ legal defense and bail here

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Since it’s October, I think it’s time to share this video.

This is a sub-segment, I guess, of the Batsu Games. Yamasaki, one of the comedians of Downtown, is punished for losing, and has to walk through a “haunted” school at night alone to play a piano score in the music room at the top floor MULTIPLE times.

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